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    TFS Release Notifications

    Deggen · 3 · Last reply by AnyStatus

    Is there any way we can set up TFS Release notifications similar to what TFS Builds have?

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    TFS builds bar not showing.

    JVS · 1 · Last reply by JVS

    The TFS builds bar are not showing like in the main page ( picture.

    How to enable?

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    Jenkins: 'Show Error Notifications' not working

    Benjamin Buchfink · 3 · Last reply by AnyStatus

    Sorry to ask again, but I have this problem and I don't think it's working correctly.

    I've setup a 'Jenkins View'. All the builds in the view are shown inside the AnyStatus desktop client.

    I don't want to enable "Show Notifications" because then I'll be spamed by "Build running" und "Build finished" notifictions.

    I only set the "Show Error Notifications" checkbox. But this checkbox doesn't work, wenn "Show Notifications" isn't set. 

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    The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

    Jfinchqktech · 1 · Last reply by AnyStatus

    Attempting to connect the app to VSTS/Azure Devops Build.

    Have entered in the details of the build,  (Account, Team Project Name, Build Definition Name) but all I receive is the following error:

    An error occurred in Build: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

    Any tips on resolving appreciated.

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    EULA - Where I can find the EULA

    Eldad Cohen · 2 · Last reply by Eldad Cohen

    Is it the EULA in GitHub ?


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    Improve handling of limitation on build definition name

    I have a multiple build definitions that work. Recently, I added a new definition (for TFS vNext build) with name:

    XxxXxxx 0000 v0.0 - Gated (AAA + Setup)

    I duplicated this from another working build that had name:

    XxxXxxx 0000 v0.0 - Gated (AAA)

    The new build definition does not register, as it can't find the build definition ID. To troubleshoot, I temporarily renamed the build to "ZZZ", and then updated the definition name in AnyStatus. The build was found immediately. Once I rename the build back again, it fails.

    It seems that there's a length limitation in place. May

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    how to raise an error notification from powershell

    I have a custom powershell script that tests the connection to a service.

    When an error occurs I exit the script with [exit 1] and the status of the widget gets red.

    But I don't get a desktop notification.

    What do I have to do to get a desktop error notification from a powershell script?

    I tries [throw "Some Error!"], with no result

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    Confused about integration with TFS 2015

    Znelson · 5 · Last reply by AnyStatus

    We're confused as to the proper setting of properties for TFS monitoring. Our builds are located via a url like this:


    What exactly goes in the AnyStatus Url and TeamProject fields? 

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    Do you test with 'in-house' servers that cross domains?

    Jefflaing · 3 · Last reply by AnyStatus

    For reasons best left undiscussed, we are running a self-hosted TFS2015 server in one domain, and all our client PCs are running Visual Studio in another.  When we connect to the server, we need to give credentials for the server domain.  And people have different *usernames* in the different domains.  None of this is negotiable.

    AnyStatus does not seem to work in this configuration - I keep getting 401 errors shown in the output despite definitely having the right credentials specified.  Is it possible you assume the current sessions user name rather than the name that was entered?

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    Does AnyStatus support Microsoft TFS 2010/2012?

    AnyStatus · 0 · Posted

    No, AnyStatus does not support TFS 2010/2012 but it is possible to use the PowerShell Script or C#/VB.NET Script monitors to query the status of a build process using TFS SDK.

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    Feel free to ask your questions

    AnyStatus · 0 · Posted
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