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    Allow solution specific settings

    Clint Chapman · 2 · Last reply by Alon Amsalem

    Allow me to have monitors specific to my solution saved in my visual studio solution folder so when I load that solution, I only see the monitors specific to that solution.

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    Dock to the side of the screen

    Chris Batchelor · 2 · Last reply by Chris Batchelor

    It would be helpful, when monitoring several builds/releases at once, etc, to be able to dock the whole window to the side of the screen.  The ability to auto-hide with that enabled (on/off toggle) would also be a nice addition, if added.

    The task bar icon is a nice feature, but when I'm watching multiple projects and one of them is broken, then the icon is always going to be red, regardless of the status of the one I'm currently interested in. 


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